Andy's been teaching and working with kids, families, and schools for over 30 years.  One thing he's learned is that there’s great hope for adults AND kids when we set firm, loving limits and give our kids as much freedom as possible.

He came to the practical skills he delivers out of necessity.  Stepping into a public school classroom as a young teacher in the 1990s, it became very clear that the examples and techniques used by adults in his own childhood of the 70s & 80s were no longer state-of-the-art nor culturally relevant to students.

From this necessity has grown a unique, practical, and humorous perspective that equips adults with the skills and understanding they need to give all kids their very best shot at success in the real world.


Andy Johnsrud,

Teacher, Trainer, Speaker


This is the best training I’ve been to in my 30 years as a childcare professional—your presentation gives skills that work with real kids!

This spring I had decided that I was done teaching. Thank you for making today’s class so exceptional–I’m filled with new energy and am looking forward to the start of school this Fall!

This is the first training that applies to all ages, all stages of development.

The best training I’ve had in years–thank you!

Thank you! You were hilarious! Totally cracked me up! Great class!!

Families First of MN Childcare Trainings “a commitment and passion to the promotion of quality child care.”

Early Childhood Special Ed Early Interventions Workshops “energy and enthusiasm was contagious, especially with such a diverse audience of parents, child care providers, health and human service professionals and other early childhood educators.”

Large School District Transportation Staff Workshops “a gift of being able to share personal experiences as well as classroom experiences throughout … keeping [the] presentation real, relevant and interesting.”

Childcare Center Staff & Parent Trainings Series “works tirelessly to inspire his attendees to try new skills.”

Ogichi Daa Kwe Girls Outdoor Adventure & Tripping Camp Staff “both humorous and willing to be vulnerable.”

Charter School Behavior Philosophy & Ongoing Staff Development “staff felt confident about addressing behavior…[s]tudents understood they would be held accountable but also knew that we cared.”